I moved to montana over 30 years ago when I was 19. I had my first son and the last place I wanted to raise him in was California. I then had two more sons who were born here. It was a little scary being only 19 moving to a place that was so very different. But it was different in a good way. The life style is more relaxed, the people are so nice here and there is an abundance of wildlife, nature and beauty. Which being a full time artist has been the inspiration to my creativity. I have always been a country girl and love being surrounded by nature. I am the happiest hanging in the woods and with the animals. Iam and always have been a bit of a recluse. My circle of friends is very small and even though I love hanging out with my friends and family I also love my me time. I love painting drawing and writing music. Also enjoy photography so i like to do alot of hiking and camping. I see animals every day on our property and we try not to interfere too much with their way of life so they have become use to us.

snow and ice in ditch last winter
beautiful day by the river
old antique farm tractor
snow on the trees in the mountains


When i moved here I chose this place because I loved how it already was. I did not move here to change Montana’s way of life. Like most Montanans I dont want things to change. People here are strong and very self sufficient. There are Ranchers, farmers and hunters and builders. A very strong sense of community here. When someone is in need there is always someone willing to help. There is also lots of art and music here. So many things to do out doors all year because we get all the seasons.

Although Montana is beautiful it is also not an easy place to live as far as income and weather. The wages are lower and winters are very cold and long here. It gets down to minus temperatures in January and Febuary. We dont get alot of sun for most of the year and if you dont like critters this is not the place for you. And although people are nice here they are also very protective of their way of life and are not very welcoming to those who come here and try and change it. Iam one of those people as well. WE love our way of life here are are definitely not willing to give it up!

gorgeous sunset
Lilly pads on the lake
beautiful colorful humming bird moth
full moon in the sky at night
Giant boulder rocks by the lake
tall grass and longs in the lake
beautiful white horse
beetle and grasshopper sharing the same branch
Happy smiling dragonfly
2 doe deer
herd of cows
old run down log cabin up nine mile
old decrepit log cabin up nine mile
bison budffalo at the bison range
trees that are curved
a couple of does deer