I often ask myself if social media is essential to run a business online. I go back and forth on whether or not to keep all my social media accounts. I believe if you have a big business and can afford to pay for lots of advertising it probably would be a great benefit to you. But for small businesses i honestly dont think it helps. Ive been on social media a long time and it very rarely brings me sales. I often feel the social media platforms themselves benefit more from our content as it brings more traffic to their own sites then they turn around and want to sell us ads to gain more traffic for our own businesses. I feel i would benefit more just directing traffic to my website then my social media platforms. I have asked alot of my friends and family if they ever click on the ads they see on social media and alot of them said they don’t and if anything the ads are annoying and are too constant now a adays. I even had friends who have pinterest accounts say they save pins but never click on the links to leave the site. Some even said they didn’t know you could click on them .

I also struggle with how much of my personal life do i want out there in public. I dont mind sharing some things but I also like to keep my privacy protected for me and my family. Because Iam an artist I guess i already feel my art and music is already and expression of who Iam and all the facets of my personality. I dont really feel like i need to go any deeper or more personal then that. I kind of miss the days when i could just put something up for sale online and it would sell without having to do any social media. I have also noticed social media can harm a business if they post something that people don’t like or agree with. Things tend to get personal and people lose customers. Its also seems now a adays to be based more on a popularity contest then people looking for what they need, like or want and just going to to a website and buying it. I honestly would rather just make my products and list them and hope customers find my shops and want to buy my items because they like them. What ever time i have left after working id rather spend with my friends and family enjoying life and not have to constantly be on social media.

I dont know its like I said its a constant struggle. Do I keep social media or just get rid of it all and hope people will find my website and my shops. On one hand you have to make money to have money to spend on advertising and on the other hand you have to have the advertising to bring people to your sites so you can have sales. Its such a catch 22 situation.

What do you think? Good Or Bad for small business. What has been your own personal experience do you feel it helps to drive business and get more sales. I would really appreciate your input 🙂