Elizavella Designs

Artist, Painter, Jewelry designer, Musician from montana


Iam Elizavella and i live In Montana. Iam a full time artist and jewelry designer. I dont have any specific style or genre i create in as I like to dabble in everything and dont like to limit myself on any particular style or media. I create Fantasy art , wildlife, Gothic to abstract and everything in between. Iam also a singer song writer and musician and i also love photography. Montana is abundant with wildlife and beauty and such an inspiration to my creativity 🙂

I love spending time with my friends and family. Life is short and we try to enjoy everyday and go on many fun adventures. We love being around nature and wildlife and through hard work and saving we just bought our own piece of heaven here in Huson. We go razr riding, hunting, camping, gold panning, have bar b ques, bonfires and just having dinner with friends and family is what we like to do. life is great and even on the days it isnt it is because we try and stay positive 🙂 THanks for stopping by I appreciate your time have an amazing day and an amazing life 🙂


Me Elizavella


my sister Dana and me love her bunches
hunting with my hubby 🙂
back when we had our motorcycle boy do i miss it
me and my family we always have a great time 🙂

Did this painting of me and my husbands as werewolves 🙂

Photo from my band days
another old band pic
my handsome husband my rock my love my best friend 🙂
this is one of my favorite photos of me and my husband Bill its as if heaven is shining down on us 🙂
out shooting my rifle its a cute little thing.
we like to shoot our guns but safety is always first 🙂
we had alot of snow on our property this year so pretty
our own winter wonderland 🙂
my honey always working hard
we love our bonfires and the best time is winter when its safer 🙂
good times with great friends
icicles on our camper
steam coming from heating vent
dogma in the sky
our affenpinscher toby poor little guy is getting old
my husband and my kids love them all so much
just some more wildlife on our property
picture i took of trees reflecting in puddle of water
great day for razr riding. We all met at Larrys here in huson 🙂
blue heron by the river

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